Gambling Games to Play at Home With Friends and Family

You’re bored so you decide to play an online game instead of watching TV.

It’s become increasingly common for people to play games together at parties. You’d like to join them.

You grab some dice, a few deck of playing card and decide to turn old classics into simple betting games.

A bet makes any pursuit more exciting.

Think about the high pitched thrill of watching horses run in a race that lasts for just a few minutes. It’s the bet that matters.

Let me show you the best and most efficient way to create betting games for your group of online poker buddies.

There are some board game classics that your friends might already be familiar with. Others are newer titles that are easier to learn.

There are simple gambling games at your house that can be just as exciting as going to Las Vegas!

You don’t have to gamble real money; you can play gambling apps for fun, for «dare,» for Jell-O shot, or even for minor tasks if you’re using them at home with your colleagues


Most people think they know a good strategy for playing BlackJack. But why is that? The rules of the game are fairly straightforward, and the casino dealers almost always get a soft 17.

It would be nice if this were easier to understand, but usually you won’t see people concentrating so intensely on their cards, on their hands, on the dealer‘s hands.

They have been reading a book or an article about a winning strategy. They are eager to follow through on their plan. Their faces get tense, the air crackle with energy, and sometimes they curse.

There are dozens of different card games you can bet on, and Black Jack is just one of them; this card-playing method has been popular for centuries, and it’s easy for most people to count to 21.


Dominoes are approximately 800 year old, originally came from China, and spread throughout the west by way of Italy.

Many American homes have an old National Geographic magazine sitting there in the corner of the living room, hidden away behind the television, waiting for someone to discover it.

Dominoes is an easy enough game for children to play, but difficult enough to keep old people busy for long periods of time.

How do you make an online multiplayer game that was designed for one player play against another person play for a group of people? Easy. Just add a bunch of servers, set them all to auto-balance, and watch your server count grow. It’s fun, had by all!

Betting on Sports

If everyone knew you could bet online, then you’d know that you can bet online.

You can also host a sports betting party at your house by setting up a chalkboard, creating some themed drinks, and offering prizes for the best bets.

Sports betting lends itself easily to game win wagering, as well as side bettings on quarterbacks’ throws, fights on the field, successful versus unsuccessful points, and walk-off wins.

Cricket fans can predict fours, sixes, half-centurys, and hundreds, as well as wicket-takers and how often the third umpire is required. Super fans can place bets on whether it will be an LBW or “third umpire call,” or if there will be a run out.

You might be sure you know how a football match is going to play out, but no one knows for certain until it happens.

It doesn’t always go according to plan; therefore, it makes sense to keep returning to the unpredictable nature of sport.

Try out different types of wagers at real money online gambling websites. You can learn about the kind of things people gamble on, from the Superbowl football toss to the length of our national anthem.

During last year’s Superbowl, there was an event called a prop betting where teams could place bets on whether the game would end in a tie or not.

Gossip Trivia

If you’re lucky enough to have a copy of any of these magazines lying around, pour yourself a drink, invite some friends round, and start asking them trivia question from the articles in each issue. Whoever yells out the right answer gets to skip their next drink!

Instead of taking pictures, you could ask your friends to «pay» for each question by buying into the game for $1 minimum deposit mobile casino canada $1. Then, when you’re done, whoever has the most points wins.

Like lotteries, games encourage participation because each player believes they will win the next round.

If you’re going to be mean, just tell them straight out that you’ve been following their favorite celebrity gossip sites. They might not believe you but they won’t be able to deny it either.

Liar’s Dice

This is a game I’ve seen people playing on sidewalks, behind shops when employees are taking breaks, and at Friday night parties, where wagers change hands quickly, and players take things seriously. I’m surprised it isn’t something more popular, given that most people have dice at their homes.

For Liar‘s Dice, you need a large quantity of dice. You might be able to get them from any old game of Monopoly or other board games around the room. If not, you could always borrow some from friends.

Poker is similar to Liar’s dice in that you know your own hand, but you don’t know the cards that others hold. You must base your decisions on what you think others might be holding.

You play against others by betting on their hands compared to yours. The term «liars» refers to the need to act confident when you know you’re not holding up your end of the bargain.

Pub-at-Home Quiz

Those trivia games they play at pubs aren’t really trivia; most of them are online. Go ahead and Google «public quizzes.»

It’s a good idea to host a party where everyone gets acquainted with one another.

And if you’re going to be doing something fun, why not pretend that you’re at a pub and keep the drinks coming?

If you want to host a pub trivia night at your house, you could offer a prize pool divided among the winners, or offer a prize pool for the best team (or teams) who win multiple games.

Jenga for Cash

Everyone knows Jengamania. It’s a popular board/card/party/social gaming app with millions of players worldwide.

You can bet on the ultimate outcome and put side bets on how many blocks can fall before the final collapse. The game attracts spectators who watch in breathless excitement to see if the swayingly tall structure will stand up or topple over.

If you have a Jengamix game available to you, then start your evening of gaming by setting up a fun bet between friends. It’ll be a lot of fun, but it won’t take any skill at all. And because there are no stakes involved, it makes for a really good time.

It’s also a good game to play at the end of an evening when everyone has been drinking and/or taking drugs and/or smoking weed and/or drinking alcohol and/or doing coke and/or snorting cocaine and/or shooting heroin and/or injecting speedballs and/or eating mushrooms and/or tripping out and/or whatever else they’ve done to get fucked up for the evening.

End-of-night Jenga may be more fun for the onlookers than the participants.


Don’t laugh. TiddlyWinks has an international organization (TiddlyWorld), competitions, and Cambridge University even have a squad that competes against Prince Phillip’s honor via the game. It is also an extremely easy game to bet on.

To get started, use pennies. Draw a set of concentric circles on an index card, and assign a point value to each ring from 1–10. Label the rings so you know which has the lowest point value.

The paper will resemble a ball bearing. Two players stand face to face and roll a single ball into the air. Whoever rolls the ball into the opponent’s goal first wins. In order to ensure fairness, both contestants must follow these rules. You may watch this video.

One way to create simpler betting systems than the standard “one winner takes the pot” style is by giving each person five chances to win. After they’ve tallied their scores, the person who has scored the most points wins that amount from the loser.

Tiddlywink is one of the most addicting games on this entire page. If you’re looking to play an addictive game with your family, invite them over to play tiddlywinks. You can even set up a monthly tournament and host a BYOB party!


A card game can be a lot of fun if you have a group of friends who also play. You can get together regularly and play games against your friends, or just 3D animation play a round or two with them once in awhile. Playing a card game with others is often much more enjoyable than playing alone because you can share stories about what happened during the last hand, and discuss strategy.

Each participant receives an equal share of a shuffled pack of cards. They don’t peek at their own cards; they simply hold them facedown. At the same time everyone else looks at their top card.

Whoever has the highest number of cards at the end of the hand wins the round. Whoever ends up with all the cards loses the round.

If there is a draw, the players set down their three cards face down and turn up the fourth one.

Whoever has the highest card wins all of the faces down and tied up playing card games.

Just like the other games listed here, you can place bets on the ultimate champion, on tiebreaker scenarios, and on any prop bets you want.

For example, if you want to spice up the game, then add some roulette to the game. Bet on whether the next high-card will be black or red; bet on whether the next low-card will be a common or a rare; etc.

It may be true that some people don’t enjoy playing war games, but I’ve never met someone who didn’t enjoy a game of war. And at Caesar’s Palace, there’s a war game on the casino floor where you can bet thousands of dollars on the outcome of just one card.

A Word in Closing

Dice have been used for thousands of year by people from different cultures. They were originally made out of bone and later metal.

Even the Dalai Lama apparently uses a kind of Tibetan game called a “mo» to aid him in making decisions.

It seems that gambling, betting, and winning has always been attractive to humans since they first appeared on Earth.

From gambling games for entertainment purposes to gambling games for financial gain, they’ve been around since the dawn of time.

You’re probably here because you want to play some casino games with your buddies, but don’t worry — we’ve got plenty of them!

Make sure there’s enough space for everyone to play comfortably. Then choose between wings and pizzas or something else more exotic. Let the games start!