How to start your Windows 10 computer in Safe Mode using CMD

See our Windows definition for more information about Microsoft Windows, including its versions and history. It’s really easy to do this regardless of the version of Windows you’re running; the steps are identical. Information on which Windows 7 edition you have, as well as whether it’s 64-bit or 32-bit, is all available in the Control Panel in the System applet. You have Windows 7 if you see a Start menu that looks like this when you select the Start button. If you’re not sure if you’re running Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, you’ll also see that information listed in the System applet. If you want to know more than just what version of Windows you have, you can open another menu to find your PC’s exact CPU Click Here type, ID number, and more.

  • You’ll notice from the reviews at the Microsoft Store that the Windows DVD Player doesn’t get stellar grades; it has an average rating of 3.2 out of 5.
  • Users can still access Live Tiles and the touch-centric Metro interface from a panel on the right side of the Start Menu, however.
  • If you’ve pinned programs to your Taskbar at the bottom of your screen to create a shortcut, you don’t have to click the icons to open them.

Microsoft is also using rounded corners throughout Windows 11. These are visible in context menus, and around apps and the File Explorer. The Start menu itself also includes rounded corners. This is still an early version of Windows 11 that has leaked, so not everything is included yet. For the majority of users, Windows 10 Home edition will suffice.

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If you need a product key and don’t have one available already from an existing build or copy, you’ll want to check out method 5, which involves using a low-cost key marketplace. Once that’s done, you can boot from your installation media and start the process. During installation, Microsoft asks you to enter a Windows 10 or 11 product key.

For WiFi connections, you can skip the process at the beginning of the setup wizard by clicking the back icon on the Windows 10 Setup toolbar, and then try and create a Microsoft account. For now, the scientists have built a prototype the size of a windowpane. Hiring “an army of undergraduate students” and figuring out how to scale this up to a point that transcends windows.

Using the sign-in screen

After your computer restarts, you’ll see a list of options. Click option 4, or press F4, to restart your PC in Safe Mode. If you need to use the internet while in Safe Mode, select 5, or press F5, for Safe Mode with Networking. Besides Safe Mode, you can also reboot Windows 10 in Safe Mode with Networking, which adds the drivers and services you need to connect to the internet and to other devices on your network. Safe Mode lets you run a basic version of Windows, with only essential files and drivers.

We only list some of these package systems here because they are widely used FLOSS projects, though we won’t list projects providing very outdated versions. The steps for a manual setup depend on the version of the software you’re using. Find the tutorials on our support page and tinker with your connection settings. Buy a NordVPN subscription, download the app, and you’ll be able to use the VPN service on your PC. But that’s not all — you can use NordVPN on up to 6 devices simultaneously, on all major platforms. However, it’s not advisable to use a completely free VPN.