MBA In Arts And Culture Management Courses, 2023

It binds the people of the organisation and their activities to make a functioning of the work smooth. It is that force which unites the working and efforts of the people of the organisation towards the common objective of the organisation. It links the interrelated functions of management. Every organisation has various departments and sub-departments such as production, sales, finance, etc. There is an independent working of each department according to their own policies and objectives In such a case, there may arise a conflict between the two departments. Coordination is needed to synchronise the activities of each department towards the achievement of common goals of the organisation.

why is management considered as an art

Efficiency means doing the work correctly and with minimum cost. If by using less resources more benefits are derived then efficiency has been increased. It is thus essential for any organisation to focus on efficiency as well as effectiveness. It is not only important to complete the work correctly but equally important to complete it with minimum cost. In the same manner, it is not only important to reduce cost but equally important to complete the work correctly. Science teachers to ‘know’ and art teachers to ‘do’.

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This is in addition to the mainstream MBA courses in operations, consulting, business analytics, marketing, advertising, etc. A common conception is that those courses which don’t have a strong quant requirement are all great choices but you have to pick a stream that suits your objectives. Management has emerged as a specialised branch of knowledge. It comprises principles and practices for effective management of organisations.

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Management is a practice rather than a science or profession through containing elements of both. No greater damage could be done to economy and society than to attempt to professionalise management by licensing managers or by limiting access to management to people with special academic degree”. Dealing with big data and using sophisticated mathematical equations dj gmix in does not justify marketing as a science. Take the case of an analytical team in StarcomMediaVest’s office – a leading media agency with plenty of creative work. The name of the team gives away the type of people who would be its members. It is quite natural to expect a few mathematicians or a statistician but certainly not a quantum physicist in the team.

Since most managers are responsible for more work than one person can normally perform, a good manager delegates and integrates his or her work . A manager does this by acting as a clear channel of communication within the business that he or she serves. Good management is needed to inject motivation, creativity, discipline, and enthusiasm into areas in which they either don’t exist or they’re not necessarily wanted. The definition of art is controversial in contemporary philosophy. Whether art can be defined has also been a matter of controversy.

Why is Operations Management Important?

It leads to confusion and duplication of work. The operational level management must provide instructions properly to the workers and provide guidelines to them to work smoothly. It must organise various resources that are required for the achievement of the objective of modification of the product. It should work by coordinating the activities of the various departments towards the common goal by modifying the product. In order to modify the existing product in the market, the following decisions/steps should be taken by each level of management. The objective achieved by the Indian Railways in the given case is Social objective.

There are numerous management strategies and theories advanced by the fathers of management. These principles are utilized by a manager to manage different situations in their regular managerial lives. Every art requires practical knowledge therefore learning of theory is not sufficient. It is very important to know practical application of theoretical principles. E.g. to become a good painter, the person may not only be knowing different colour and brushes but different designs, dimensions, situations etc to use them appropriately. According to my view, Management is both arts as well as science. Science refers to theoretical knowledge of rules and principles whereas art refers to application of acquired knowledge.

It contains a systematic body of theoretical knowledge and it also involves the practical application of such knowledge. Management is also a discipline involving specialised training and an ethical code arising out of its social obligations. On the basis of these characteristics, management may be defined as a continuous social process involving the coordination of human and material resources in order to accomplish desired objectives. It involves both the determination and the accomplishment of organisational goals. It is considered as a science because it has an organized body of knowledge which contains certain universal truth. Science provides the knowledge & art deals with the application of knowledge and skills. As a science, management contains certain universal truth and principles that are applied in managing people in whole world.

Managers have become a very powerful and respected group in modern society. This is because the senior managers of companies take decisions that affect the lives of a large number of people. For example, if the managers of Reliance Industries Limited decide to expand pro- duction it will create job for thousands of people. Managers also help to improve the social life of the public and the economic progress of the country. Senior managers also enjoy a high standard of living in society.

Similarly, managers use the various theories and principles in trying situations to make use of management knowledge. Here you can find the meaning of What is meant by management as an art? Compare all the features of art with management and prove that it is an art.?